Accelerating local leaders. Inspiring those of tomorrow

Our model empowers local social leaders from the favelas in hopes to inspire the next generation. ACE community centers offer extracurricular activities to youth in the community, all classes offered are chosen and taught by social leaders from the favela, people who want to work with their community but lack the necessary funding and support.


Connecting Social Leaders

The developing world is ideologically changing. A refusal to be defined by the stereotypes of your community or letting where you are from dictate where you want to go. At the core of this movement are motivated social leaders. People who grew up in marginalized communities, who understand what it means to grow up with minimal opportunities, and who are determined to make a difference for themselves and the ACE helps to provide structure and stability to these social leaders. By offering our space and a salary ACE empowers and connects those who want to make a difference in their communities and in the lives of the next generation.

Inspiring those of tomorrow

The world is changed by those who think differently. Rooted in the current social leaders driving the ideological change coming from the developing world is an inspired child, a child who had their perspective changed at a young age.

The future is decided by the current children and it is our goal at ACE to inspire as many children from marginalised communities as possible, to be different, to reject the status quo and build a future that they are included in.

The future of Brazil is important to the world, and the future of Brazil starts in the favelas.


Early Results

KPI Method

At ACE we measure impact both through the acceleration of local leaders and the children they look to empower. As you can see from the chart above:

Children’s grades have demonstrated a 59% increase since June 2017 (Children’s grades are measured from 1-5, 5 being the full attention, fantastic involvement and brilliant attitude, 1 being lack of concentration and low engagement)

Over all Children’s attendance has improved by 54% over the space of last year to date.

ACE started with one social leader and over last year has accelerated another 4 social leaders and 13 members of local staff.

The acceleration of a locally found tennis project almost doubled out numbers in January.

ACE has held 5 photography exhibitions conducted by ACE students across Europe with an estimated reach of 1020 western viewers. At the most basic level ACE offers all our children meals and a safe space to be away from the communities violence and surrounded bu loving positive role models.

ACE has funnelled over $18,000 into the favela ecosystem within the past year to date.